Corporate Social Responsibility

We tweak organizational strategies to incorporate pro-social initiatives.

Our Approach

Contribution to society is the rent we pay to stay on this planet. We are committed to delivering consistently responsible behavior by incorporating pro-social initiatives.

Together, we believe we can drive a meaningful revolution in the world and commit to charitable work that actually makes a visible difference in the society we live in. Through our generous act of kindness, we have been inspiring others to become purpose-driven and sustainable. Let there be no hungry souls, uplifted global health, & better climate conditions, among others. Together, let’s work for a beautiful tomorrow.

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Practices We Preach

We take pride in receiving Certification of Appreciation from the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) for our continued support in delivering food supplies to the less fortunate.

In an effort to foster wellbeing and affirm the dignity of people living with HIV/AIDS, we support a local charity – Sivananda Palliative Care Center, Hyderabad with humble donations.

Our Priorities

From fighting against poverty, deteriorating global health conditions to tackling climate change, discover our corporate social responsibility initiatives as we move on.

“The world expects from us, simple acts of kindness. Let charity be our expression of faith and hope.”

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IMCS Group at North Texas Food Bank

While many of us enjoy the privilege of having a scrumptious meal at home or dining out, there are millions of less fortune out there who do not get enough to eat.

In an effort to make a difference and feed the needy, IMCS Group has joined hands with one of the largest North Texas charities – the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB). We have received Certification of Appreciation for our support in delivering food supplies every year.

This charitable nonprofit relief organization provides more than 190,000 meals for hungry children, seniors, and families in its 13-county service area every day.

NTFB has recently launched a 10-year plan under which it will attempt to close the hunger gap in North Texas by providing 92 million nutritious meals (72 million at present) annually by 2025.

IMCS Group at Sivananda Palliative Care Center

With the goal of creating an AIDS-free future at a community level, IMCS has donated a modest amount to Sivananda Rehabilitation Home so that people with AIDS can lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Hyderabad-based charity house is a Palliative Care Centre for HIV and TB patients. It provides free treatment to terminally patients along with complimentary boarding and lodging.

The community has been working round-the-clock to eliminate HIV transmission through direct programs and supportive services.

Sivananda Rehabilitation Home managed to connect with 27.75 lakh patients in 2017-18 alone and is vouching to support more numbers in the coming years.