Application Maintenance and Support

Application Maintenance and Support

Application Maintenance and Support

Rapid Response

Immediate assistance to the client’s queries and requests during app maintenance and support.

Incorporating the latest trends

The app performance is enhanced by incorporating the latest technology trends.

Online Support

Evaluating the applications online to ensure a continuous support.

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Benefits Application Maintenance and Support

Experience an indomitable app support

Fixing Bugs

The plausible errors that might surface during the production phase in the mainframe, server, code base or back-end infrastructure is taken care.

Migrating to a new platform

The unforeseen challenges offered by the existing platform/s will be supported through a secured migration to a new, robust platform.

Advanced Security

The maintenance and support demand meticulous security testing and implementation, leading to a boost in the overall reliability.

Improved performance

The re-evaluation allows for including best technology practices leading to extended usability.

Enhanced UI

The client requests for additional UI features, often end up with an enhanced UI with improved user experience.

Exhaustive Testing

Thorough testing of the entire application, including the deployment platform and network resources is performed during this phase.

Applications need monitoring

Software applications cannot be just developed and left to operate on auto-pilot mode, post-deployment. Owing to perpetual changes right from the system environment to the production environment, they need constant tuning and monitoring to function efficiently in the long run. The advancements in the device features or other environment variables, often expose vulnerabilities in the app performance. This needs to be continously addressed to ensure an overal optimised app throughput.


Technology and Maintenance Services

We provide highly efficient and customized app monitoring services, keeping in mind the end-user experience and application performance. The various services that come under maintenance and support include the app crash analytics, server monitoring, performance monitoring, new feature integration, app store management, security update, third-party software update reviews, and other optimization services. Our exceptional support services ensure increased app productivity and greater ROI.

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